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The Michigan Heroes Museum anchored a Summer 2022 episode of Under the Radar. Click the link below to go to the start of our segment, where Mr. Tom Daldin interviews MHM Executive Director, John Ryder.

To go directly to the Michigan Heroes Museums clip, click here:

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Updated: Apr 5

On top of having the record for the longest flight of a female astronaut, 328 Days in space. On top of the fact that she has already participated in six spacewalks, including each of the first three all-women spacewalks totaling 42 hours and 15 minutes. Christina Hammock-Koch has been named a Mission Specialist for the Artemis II Spaceflight, currently due to launch in November 2024.

The mission of the Artemis II, the first crewed Artemis flight, is not dissimilar to that of a new naval vessel taking a ship out for a "Shakedown Cruise." The 4-member crew will travel around the moon and back in this 10-day mission, ushering in America's return to the moon after more than 50 years.

Join us in congratulating Christina on her well-deserved selection!

Learn more about Artemis II - the crew - the mission and more.

7 views0 comments 's broadcast on MyMITV contains a discussion with Executive Director John Ryder.

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