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Polar Bear Memorial Association (PBMA)

The "Detroit's Own" Polar Bear Memorial Association is dedicated to honoring and maintaining the memory of the 339th Infantry Regiment, the 1st Battalion of the 310th Engineers, the 337th Ambulance Co., and the 337th Field Hospital of the U.S. Army's 85th Division. These men, officially designated the American North Russia Expeditionary Force (ANREF) and also known as "Detroit's Own" and "Polar Bears", were sent by President Wilson to North Russia, where they fought the Bolshevik Red Army from September 1918 through June 1919.

Polar Bear Gallery Display #1


Begin learning more about the PBMA and our Detroit's Own Polar Bears.


If you would like to know more about the actions of the American North Russian Expeditionary Force (ANREF), this is a must read.

Polar Bear Gallery Display #2
Polar Bear Gallery Display #3


This award-winning collection contains a comprehensive list of Detroit's Own Polar Bear reference materials for family genealogists to professional researchers.


A collection of photos from our Memorial Day Observances.

Memorial Day 2018

The Polar Bear Memorial Association is an affiliate of the Michigan Heroes Museum

1250 Weiss Street
Frankenmuth, MI 48734
Phone: (989) 652-


PBMA Board 

Mike Grobbel - President
Kevin G. Stark - Vice President
Blake Karapuz - Secretary
Stephen Stevens - Sergeant at Arms
Larry Chase - "Guardian of the Bear"

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