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Join us in celebrating our state's veterans and astronauts in all that we do.  Whether raising funds or having fun, we do so with our Mission in mind - Honor, Respect, Remember.

American Flags

Frankenmuth, Fortress Colf Course - June 27, 2024

Wurst Open - 


As Promised - We have not only returned with the  Wurst Open, but we have some truly exciting news! We have invited LPGA Pro athletes to help us introduce more fun and some truly unique experiences around the course:


    • 3 Players +​ 1 Celebrity - $1,200.00

    • 4 Players - $1,000.00

  • Beat the Pro​​:

Can you beat an LPGA Pro​ on a hole? 

  • Carpet Bombing:

Enter our Drone Drop Contest and see if you can win a prize.

  • Guided Munitions

Guide a drone operator to fly over the target and perfectly time the release of your ball to land it as near to the hole as possible, boosting your team's drive.

  • Fire in the Hole:

Your team will be issued an Air Cannon for this hole.  Lock and load one round and send it down range.  Play the hole like any other from there.

  • Recon Specialists:

We have enlisted Recon Specialists​ (Frankenmuth High School Golf Team) who play the course nearly every day each summer to assist you along the course.


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